Carl Pfranger is Site-Seeker’s Internet Marketing Evangelist. But, more than that, he’s everyone’s go-to-guy when there is a problem, and functions as the big brother of the office. Whether it’s a hardware, software, client support or personal hang-up, Carl will either have the answer or work his hardest to find it for you. Carl serves as the pivot on which most of Site-Seeker’s Operations Department turns, and his coworkers would unanimously agree that he is an invaluable asset to the office.

In addition to maintaining the SSI server, keeping all of our computers working and ensuring that we don’t lose our sanity when things get rough – Carl is also an avid bicycle enthusiast, participating in dozens of events every year and keeping himself on a strict exercise regiment. When he’s not biking, playing with his dog, or trying out every restaurant in the area with his girlfriend, you can find Carl diligently working on the latest graphic design task or updating Site-Seeker to the newest in computer technology.

Carl would like to be remembered as the Lance Armstrong of upstate New York, but we’ll always remember him as the guy who kept it all together.