After starting his own e-commerce business in 2009, Matt Ford became self-indulged in the world of Internet marketing and learned the business from “inside the ropes” with an extremely vested passion for success in this field. That’s when he connected with Site-Seeker and eventually fell into the role of VP of operations.

A 20-year veteran of multiple diverse applications including professional sports, concert, hospitality and entertainment/destination industries, Matt has specialized in the start-up of projects/franchises, process and strategic planning, event creation and execution.

A down to earth problem solver, he has an analytical mind focused on finding efficient solutions. Matt has lead professional teams and entertainment organizations to success on and off the field, leading by example and driven by a willingness to overachieve. He enjoys making things better – whether it’s people or processes. He likes to understand how things work, and likes to put all challenges into context before providing a workable solution.

From humble beginnings in a small fishing town on the Northeast coast of England, Matt has garnered a couple of degree’s and priceless experience on the road to leading various organizations to results. Credited with Operations Director of the Year (1998) and Executive of the Year (2006) awards by the United Soccer Leagues, he has since given up the exciting weekend work of sports and entertainment for the chance to make a difference in the field of internet marketing.