Thomas Armitage is the internet marketing/content specialist at Site-Seeker Inc. With a passion for telling stories, he puts his creativity to use in building content that is optimized and attractive on the ever-changing, ever-growing web. His public relations and digital marketing backgrounds help him play a versatile role at the agency, assisting clients with traditional and social media, content marketing, and mobile strategies.

Prior to joining Site-Seeker, Tom held public relations and marketing positions at agency, corporate and non-profit work environments. He has also been an adjunct lecturing on social media. Tom’s passion for conventional and new media is the driving force for his fascinating story ideas and engaging social content.

Tom earned his master’s in integrated marketing communication from West Virginia University and his bachelor’s in public relations from Utica College of Syracuse University. A music enthusiast, he loves playing trivia games and attending concerts while sharing his experiences on the social web.